Effective Leadership

In today's society we are obsessed with speed, but effective leaders are more interested in strength, stability and sustainability. We want the quick fix, the shortcut, the on-the-spot solution. We want a sermon, a seminar or an experience that will instantly resolve all problems. But real leadership is never the result of a single experience, no matter how powerful or moving. Effective leaders develop their vision and have the courage to make decisions. They take risks and encourage others to do the same. They know how to access the truth and build a culture of ownership and accountability. They possess fearless resolve and stamina and are passionate about results. They keep the organization first and understand that the right people performing the right tasks are their greatest asset.

Instructional Leadership

Instructional leadership is quite different from school administrators managing a school. Principals who possess a pretentious sense of dignity as administrators are too preoccupied in dealing solely with administrative duties compared to principals who are instructional leaders. Instructional leaders establish a vision, diagnose barriers and prescribe solutions, set clear goals/targets, use data, position resources and facilitate teaching and learning. Instructional leadership is the principal's commitment and implementation of leader-actions that empowers teachers to promote growth in student learning. Instructional leaders share the vision with an inclusive message that articulates instructional practices are the top priority of the school.

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