Josie Carr, Ph.D., Teaching and Learning Coach

Dr. Josie Carr is a dedicated educator with several years of experience in education including: 13 years as classroom teacher, 15 years as administrator – 2 years special education case manager/counselor, 5 years as principal, 4 years as executive director, and 3 years as an educational consultant – including CIT-Campus Intervention Team (TEA).

With a strong focus in special education and classroom management, Josie has worked passionately with campuses to assist teachers in developing and implementing researched-based strategies to meet the needs of all learners. She has provided instructional coaching for teachers to ensure pedagogical cohesiveness that will produce an environment conducive to learning and safe for all students.

As a Teaching and Learning Coach, Dr. Carr has been instrumental in assisting campuses to improve over-all student achievement along with improved results on high-stakes assessments in reading and writing. Additionally, Dr. Carr has a proven record of success with assisting students receiving special education.

Areas of Expertise

  • Teaching and Learning - Literacy
  • Increasing Literacy for Special Population Students
  • Collaborative Instructional Planning
  • Differentiation - Grouping for Success 
  • Classroom Management and Design
  • Writing: Standards-Based Individualized Educational Programs
  • Spatial and Sequential Thinking


Instructional Leadership Coaches provided for us a new way of looking at data.  They possess a wealth of knowledge in all content areas and helped me to understand teaching and learning.  Our teachers were thankful for the support of the Teaching and Learning Coaches as well.  They now feel more confident with instruction and are dedicated to using research based strategies with our students.  We are no longer on the state priority list.

Dollarway School District
Pine Bluff, AR

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