Yolunda Wilson, M.Ed., Operations Manager & Instructional Leadership Coach

Yolunda Wilson is an experienced educational facilitator who brings several years of expertise as a teacher, instructional specialist, assistant principal and 19 years as a principal. As a principal, she successfully created learning environments that demanded high expectations from all staff and students.  Under Yolunda’s leadership, teachers and staff focused on continuous and sustainable school improvement.  The staff monitored each student’s learning on a timely basis and provided effective systematic interventions. Yolunda’s efforts focused on building teacher capacity through goal-setting which increased test scores on an average of 10% during her tenure as principal. 

Yolunda has mentored and coached over 20 principals who continue to be very successful instructional leaders.  She currently serves as Instructional Leadership Coach for principals in Arkansas and Texas. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Instructional Leadership Coaching
  • Teaching and Learning - Literacy
  • Curriculum & Instruction
  • Disaggregation and Use of Data
  • Effective Goal-setting & Collaborative Instructional Planning
  • Common Core Standards and Supporting Resources
  • Implementation of Effective Teaching and Learning Strategies


Instructional Leadership Coaches provided for us a new way of looking at data.  They possess a wealth of knowledge in all content areas and helped me to understand teaching and learning.  Our teachers were thankful for the support of the Teaching and Learning Coaches as well.  They now feel more confident with instruction and are dedicated to using research based strategies with our students.  We are no longer on the state priority list.

Dollarway School District
Pine Bluff, AR

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