ICL Leader-Actions

Using the essential elements of ICL “Leader Actions,” principals, school leadership teams, and teaching staffs are empowered with knowledge and skills enabling them to achieve phenomenal student academic achievement success.

Vision - You can seize only what you can see…
We start with assisting the principal in the development and refinement of their Vision and show how to effectively share that vision in their Message in positive, inclusive language.

Informed Prescription (Diagnosing and Prescribing)
Diagnose: We determine what’s wrong in the school, what are the trend indicators in the data and what are the things that block success?
Prescribe: We drive data-informed instructional planning, swift and honest assessment, allowance of ownership and assessment of personnel.

Targeted Assessment
Goals/Targets – We insure established targets are; aligned & effective and all stake-holders possess ownership of assessment results.

Data Application – Instructional leaders must be data focused…
We center on transparent data-gathering and the establishment and maintenance of databases as well as data application.

Positioning Resources – You must know your resources before positioning them...
We assist instructional leaders with considering all of their resources as well as understanding what’s already aligned for goal attainment.

Teaching & Learning - More can be done to improve education by improving the effectiveness of teachers than any other single factor…
We share the importance of instructional leaders conducting daily classroom walkthroughs (facilitative) as well as providing pedagogical support as needed. 


We have never had test scores like they are now! My coaches’ instructional leadership skills are great. The leader-actions were data driven, which has helped me to become more data driven as an instructional leader. The guidance from the Teaching and Learning Coaches made my teachers more data driven when making instructional decisions to improve student growth. With their assistance, we have increased our student test scores every year 20-30% in math and literacy. We feel confident that our school is on the path to be rated as one of the top 10 schools in our state. I endorse this company!

Dollarway School District
Pine Bluff, AR

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