What Instructional Leadership Coaches Do

  • Work with principals and key leadership teams
  • Help analyze/use data, look for patterns and act on “next steps” accordingly
  • Observe principals interact with staff, students and parents
  • Give constructive feedback
  • Conduct pre/post conferences with teachers to dialog about effective teaching-learning strategies
  • Observe the teaching-learning process in classrooms and document teaching strategies utilized
  • Provide classroom demonstrations of successful instructional delivery strategies as training sessions for teachers
  • Provide training in the use of diagnostic and prescriptive approaches in planning teaching-learning activities
  • Assist with assessment and diagnoses of students’ acquisition of content skills and suggest methods of intervention
  • Use of various teaching-learning strategies including ‘one-on-one’ mini lessons as well as small group instruction



Thank you! With the help of your Instructional Leadership Coach, I was provided the tools and skills I needed to improve my leadership skills.  The use of Teaching and Learning Coaches worked great with my teachers in need of assistance. The process has been effective.  My teachers are more confident in their content areas and I am more confident as an instructional leader.

Dollarway School District
Pine Bluff, AR

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